Pillar of Arts Education Award

Thea Foundation’s Pillar of Arts Education Award is presented to a deserving K-12 Arts Educator during Thea’s annual event, Into the Blue.


The Pillar of Arts Education Award will be given annually to honor transformational teaching and leadership in arts education. At Into the Blue 2019 the inaugural Pillar of Arts Education Award will be honored. The award brings visibility and statewide recognition to our field’s highest caliber arts teaching professionals across Arkansas.

The award is presented by the Thea Foundation, who advocate for the importance of the Arts in the development of our youth. Thea provides important programs and services to K-12 Public, Private and Charter schools across Arkansas to improve the quality and availability of Arts education to all students.


Criteria for Pillar of Arts Education

Pillars of Arts Education nominees are individual adults who have demonstrated commitment to the arts and exceptional leadership, which have influenced arts education in the schools (K-12) of Arkansas, The Pillar of Arts Education Award is presented to a teacher who advances art education in an in-school setting and demonstrates including, but not limited to:

  • Be a member in good standing with the State of Arkansas and must agree to be present at Thea Foundation’s Into the Blue to receive the award.

  • Have a commitment and dedication to his or her students that is characterized by patience, understanding, compassion and helpfulness.

  • Meet the needs and interests of students in a creative manner, bringing about learning, growth and development in all areas, development of appropriate objectives.

  • Have developed a philosophy and theory of art teaching that is consistently reflected both in and outside the classroom.

  • Be aware and cognizant of the literature, research and current issues in the field of art education.

  • Contribute personal effort and time beyond the normal teaching duties in promoting art education and the arts in his or her school system, the community, the region and/or the state.

  • Be outstanding in public relations and in advocating support for art education and the arts.

  • Be involved in developing innovative curricula and methodology.

  • Show educational leadership at the local, regional, state or national level.

  • Be active in the local arts community by exhibiting work, volunteering, serving on
    nonprofit boards, etc.

  • Have completed at least five years of experience within art education.

To Nominate and Arts Educator, please send an e-mail to Xxxxx@theafoundation.org addressing the specific points below.
Short Answer Questions


A. Name
B. School District, School, Grade(s) Taught
C. Number of Years Experience
D. Contact Information of Nominee
E. Contact Information of Nominator



Written Statement


Attach a typed statement, which substantiates the significance of the nominee’s contributions to the arts.  The nomination should reflect activity beyond normal expectations or responsibilities, and the nomination should include examples of the criteria for the Pillar of Arts Education.

The statement should not exceed two double-sided pages and should address:
Supplemental Material may include support letters, news clippings, photographs, blogs, awards, magazine articles, etc.

Nominators: please address these specific criteria points in the statement of nomination section of the application. Please be as specific and descriptive as possible.


Nominations Close November 30, 2018


* Current or retired arts educators are eligible for nomination in the following fields of Arts education: visual arts, performing arts (singing dancing and acting), music, dance or movement, creative writing, film, spoken word (slam poetry).