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Thea Foundation's Evening

with President Clinton

in New York

Presenting Sponsors

Keesal, Young & Logan

MONDAY • April 27, 2020
The Boathouse Restaurant • Central Park, NYC

6:30 PM


Auction Items: Coming Soon

Attire: Business


Andy Manatos, Jane Coats Eckert, Agis Leopoulos, David Leopoulos


Thea Foundation is Arkansas’s advocate for the arts in schools. Our mission is to promote the importance of the arts in the education of Arkansas’s youth, reverse the trend of budget cuts to arts programming, and help young people across the state receive impactful educations and financial help for higher education. 

Since 2002, Thea Foundation has awarded more than $2 million in scholarships to students across the state, provided more than $1.5 million in art supplies and other creative materials to underfunded schools, implemented and augmented arts programming in schools, and advocated on a state level the importance of the arts in school curricula. 

Named for the daughter of Paul and Linda Leopoulos, Thea Foundation carries on the legacy of Thea Kay Leopoulos, who thrived academically, socially and emotionally thanks to her pursuit of the arts. President Bill Clinton was a friend to Thea, and the two were pen pals during his presidency. Clinton has been honored as Board Member Emeritus since the inception of the Thea Foundation in 2001 and spoke of the foundation and its mission in his 2007 book Giving.

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