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2015 Fashion Design Scholarship Winners

1st Place Winner Lindsey Higgs

March 14, 2015, young fashion designers from across Arkansas competed in Thea Foundation's 2nd Fashion Design Scholarship Competition. The competitors had guidelines to use 75% recycled materials in their creations, present a book of sketches to the judges, and present their pieces in person at Thea Foundation. Our judges, all successful in the fashion field, included Korto Momolu, Connie Fails and Jeanne Johansson. Students' works were diverse, including garments made from trash bags, corn husks, neckties, compact discs and many other materials. After deliberating, the judges selected a first place and second place winner: Lindsey Higgs, of Hazen High School, took 1st place and a $4,000 scholarship for her dress made of corn husks, and Ashayla Burnett, of eStem Public Charter School in Little Rock, took 2nd place and a $2,500 scholarship for her dress made of garbage bags and accompanying shoes.

Many of this year's competitors will show their work at Curbside Couture, an annual eco-friendly fashion show held at the Clinton Presidential Center April 12, 2015. For more information about Curbside Couture, click here.


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