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2017 Fashion Design Scholarship Competition Winners

Thea Foundation's 4th annual Fashion Design Scholarship Competition was held Saturday, March 11, at Thea's North Little Rock headquarters, where young designers from across the state gathered to reveal their unique garments made of 75% recycled materials, as required by the competition.

Our judges deliberated over the many creative, thoughtful designs and selected two winners. Congratulations to Amanda Lee, of Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts, who won 1st place and a $4,000 scholarship and Kaylea Langle, of Nettleton High School, who won 2nd place and a $2,500 scholarship.

Thank you to everyone who competed! Every design displayed was truly excellent.

Pictured below from top to bottom: Amanda Lee and her model show off an intricate top made of individually cut pieces of aluminum cans; Kaylea Langle talks to the judges about her wisteria-inspired dress made of flowers crafted from recycled phone books.

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