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Thea Foundation Welcomes Three New Board Members

Brad Cushman

Thea Foundation is elated to announce the addition of three local community leaders to our board of directors. In July 2017, Trish Roberson, Brad Cushman and Marilyn Zornick joined our team of devoted, change-making board members.

Brad Cushman is gallery director and curator for the Department of Art and Design at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. A lifelong artist and an art educator, Brad knows firsthand the transformative power of the arts. “From kindergarten through high school, I believe the arts should be thoroughly integrated into the school curriculums,” he said. “The Thea Foundation is helping schools realize this goal.”

Trish Roberson

Trish Roberson, owner of Roberson’s Fine Jewelry, was born and raised in August, Ark., and carries her small-town, community-centric values with her. She and her husband have been longterm supporters of Easter Seals, Carti, JDRF, 20th Century Club, Thea Foundation and many more. “I absolutely love this quote from Picasso: ‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,’” she said. “I believe this quote reflects the change that the Thea Foundation is making in the lives of these kids.”

Marilyn Zornick

Marilyn Zornick, 3rd from left

Marilyn Zornick, a philanthropist with years of expertise in business development, marketing and fundraising, is excited to join the Thea Foundation board, citing her drive to make the arts available to every student, “regardless of economic status.” Marilyn said she first fell in love with Thea Foundation’s mission when she attended an event her nephew was part of and saw so many young people being impacted by the foundation. “I want to see the arts continue to grow… for every high school to boast about their arts programs like they do their football programs,” she said.

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