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  • Photography by Mark Fonville

2018 Performing Arts Scholarship Winners

Students from across Arkansas gathered at the UA - Pulaksi Tech Saturday, March 17, to compete in Thea Foundation's annual Performing Arts Scholarship Competition, open to high school and home-schooled Arkansas seniors performing dance, dramatic works or singing.

We saw so much incredible talent, and our judges carefully deliberated, selecting 10 winners:

1st Place, $4,000 (Pictured above)

Rodney Anderson - Pulaski Academy - Dance Selection

2nd Place, $3,500

Quinton Sanders - The Academies of Jonesboro High School - Vocal Selection

3rd Place, $3,000

Shaumia Henderson - Sylvan Hills High School - Vocal Selection

4th Place, $2,500

Emily Pennell - Conway High School - Dance Selection

5th Place, $2,000

Tiauna Murphy - Jonesboro High School - Theatrical Selection

6th Place, $2,000

Kennedy Frazier - Bentonville High School - Theatrical Selection

7th Place, $2000

Jennifer Parr - Parkview High School - Vocal Selection

8th Place, $2,000

Katherine Beasley - Homeschool/UCA Concurrent - Dance Selection

9th Place, $2,000

Alexandra McClellan - Pulaski Academy - Dance Selection

10th Place, $2,000

Dane Drennan - Greenwood High School - Vocal Selection

Thank you to everyone who performed on Saturday!

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