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Arkansas Teachers Show Joint Exhibition at Thea Foundation

Teachers from schools across central Arkansas will debut a joint mixed media exhibition at Thea Foundation this month. These teachers are part of our Arts Reconstruction program, which provides professional development and advanced arts materials to local visual arts teachers. The exhibition, titled "Connections," will be up Sept. 10 through Sept. 27 at Thea Foundation, located at 401 Main Street, Suite 100, in downtown North Little Rock. A reception for "Connections" will be held Friday, Sept. 21, from 5-8 p.m. during Argenta Art Walk with the artists present.


The collaborative exhibition "Connections" emerged from Thea Foundation’s Arts Reconstruction project. Seven central Arkansas teachers had the opportunity to work closely with UA-Little Rock's art instructors to learn new crafts to share with their students. The crafts included digital photography with image transfer, silk painting, fabric dying, bookbinding, ceramics and metalworking. There are connections found within the crafts as well as intangible connections made by the artists.

Human beings have an innate need to make connections with other people and ideas. There are also serendipitous connections made that are otherwise unavoidable. This collection explores present and historical connections including: the physical and emotional connections made with others, the connections made between life choices, the inevitable connections made in times of social injustice and the architectural connections that facilitate human interaction.

Participating artists:

Amanda Heinbockel

Sara Brannen

Rodney Bailey

Tonya Wentzel

Christy Langhammer

Rex DeLoney

Gail King

The reception for "Connections" is generously sponsored by 107 Liquor.

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