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  • Photo by Heather Canterbury

Thea Foundation Announces Kristen Lippencott As Renaissance Club President

As the Thea Foundation works to expand the reach of the Renaissance Club, Kristen Lippencott has been named the first Club President. We are excited to have such an enthusiastic leader in place to help us spread the word about Thea’s mission and the club’s opportunity for everyone to take part in the advancement of the arts for Arkansas’s youth.

After moving to Little Rock in 2012, Kristen met our Executive Director Paul Leopoulos and quickly became an active volunteer for the foundation. “As the years have gone by, I have watched the Thea Foundation grow from a small nonprofit to a pillar of the community. To have the opportunity to serve them in such a meaningful way is both exciting and humbling,” said Kristen. She now serves as the Wellness Program Manager at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

The Renaissance Club is special. We invite interested individuals to become a dedicated Thea Foundation advocate for as little as $6 a month. Your contribution helps support our efforts, including providing arts education as well as supplies to schools in need and funding the futures of high school seniors through our various scholarship opportunities.

Beyond making a difference in countless young lives, the club comes with perks such as tickets to Thea Foundation events, free entry to exhibition openings (our next opening is on May 3rd), and awesome swag to show your passion for supporting the arts.

We look forward to how the Renaissance Club will evolve with Kristen as its devoted leader. Consider joining the club today and begin enjoying those perks this spring. If you have any questions about the Renaissance Club, please contact Jennifer Owens at or call 501.379.9512.

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