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  • Photography by Heather Canterbury

Q&A: Rodney Bailey, Participating Art Teacher in Thea's Arts Reconstruction Summer 2019 Prof

Rodney Bailey, an art teacher at Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School, is the next educator we're featuring in our special Q&A series for participating teachers who learned about cyanotype at UA Little Rock's Windgate Center of Art + Design during Thea's Arts Reconstruction professional development week held last month. Rodney has been an art teacher for 13 years and currently teaches to grades 9-12 with his instruction reaching 120 students each year. We're so excited to see how this new medium is incorporated in his classroom this coming school year.

During the 2019 professional development week, what were some of the personal highlights from learning about cyanotype at UA Little Rock’s Windgate Center of Art + Design?

Open ended projects. Well rounded instruction. Allowing participants ample time to apply the tools and techniques in a way that is self-directed and self-expressive. This presents an opportunity for participants to experience obstacles students may experience during their learning and application. . How confident do you feel about incorporating this new medium during your 2019-20 school year curriculum?

Very confident.

How do you think your students will benefit from this new addition to your curriculum?

I think students will benefit because cyanotype, in my experience, is rarely taught and applied in high school art programs. This exposure will not only broaden their knowledge and experiences in visual art, but will also allow an additional avenue for self-expression.

What do you wish others knew about the needs of art educators in Arkansas?

The need for resources and materials that offer and support participation in the arts

In the zone: Rodney uses his lab time after morning instruction to practice the new medium

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