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  • Word by Amanda Seevers / Photography by Heather

2020 Thea Scholarship Competitions Announced

2019 Performing Arts Scholarship Winner Asher Patten during his audition

Thea Foundation is awarding 36 scholarships in 2020. Thea’s annual scholarships remain a unique opportunity for Arkansas seniors (available to homeschooled students as well) as test scores, GPA, nor intent to major in the arts is considered during the competition process. There are six different competitions to enter: visual arts, performing arts, slam poetry, creative writing, fashion design, and film—now in partnership with the Arkansas Cinema Society. Many students will benefit from Thea’s education partners, including almost every 4-year college and many 2-year colleges in Arkansas, where their scholarship could be matched with thousands more dollars in scholarship money.

Although Thea Foundation does not anticipate every student to explore furthering their education specifically in the arts, the 2019 winners do include students now attending prominent art schools, including The Savannah College of Art and Design as well as The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

For the 2020 scholarship competition season, students who compete in the visual arts, slam poetry, creative writing, fashion design, and film competitions will need to follow this year’s theme: Brilliant, radiant, overcoming the senses. Note: There isn’t a theme applied to the performing arts scholarship competition.

Below is the breakdown for Thea Foundation’s 2020 Scholarship Competitions:

Slam Poetry Registration Deadline - Monday, Feb. 24

Slam Poetry Competition - Saturday, Feb. 29

Fashion Design Registration Deadline - Monday, March 2

Fashion Design Competition - Saturday, March 7

Creative Writing Registration Deadline - Monday, March 9

Creative Writing Competition Results - Saturday, March 14

Performing Arts Registration Deadline - Monday, March 16

Performing Arts Competition - Saturday, March 21

Visual Arts Registration Deadline - Monday, March 23

Visual Arts Competition - Saturday, March 28

Film Scholarship Registration Deadline - Monday, March 30

Film Scholarship Results - TBD

Thea Foundation looks forward to supporting the futures of high school seniors on their way to college in fall 2020. More details for each individual competition can be found here.

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Art by Kerryann Ptacek, the 3rd place winner in the 2019 Visual Arts Scholarship Competition

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