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2020 Slam Poetry Scholarship Winners

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

We spent Leap Day 2020, February 29, with students representing seven different high schools across Arkansas. During the three rounds of competition, each student leveraged their allotted three minutes per round with a rehearsed poem reflecting this year's theme: brilliant, radiant, overcoming the senses. The writing was prolific and the passion was palpable; our distinguished team of judges ultimately awarded five top-performing students with scholarships. Once again, we owe our charismatic guest poet/host Chris James (pictured above with students) a huge thank you for volunteering his time and talent. Details and additional photos of this year's winners can be found below.

1st Place — ($4,000)

India Harper from North Little Rock High School (pictured above)

2nd Place — ($3,500)

Segovia Lucas from Little Rock Central High School (pictured above)

3rd Place — ($3,000)

Vanessa Washington from Little Rock Central High School (pictured above)

4th Place — ($2,500)

Unzila Cheema from Conway High School (pictured above)

5th Place — ($2,000)

Victory Jackson from Little Rock Central High School (pictured above)

Thank you to everyone who took part in this year's slam poetry competition. As usual, we were blown away by the talent and confidence of each of the participating students. For more information about Thea Foundation's remaining 2020 scholarship opportunities, visit our scholarships page.

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