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A Letter From the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

In these uncertain and scary times, I would like to start by wishing you love, safety, health, and happiness. I know that we are all waiting with bated breath for good news daily, and resting on the hope that life and living will be as it was soon. While the weight of all that uncertainty is a burden that pulls our focus inward, we must look around us and celebrate the life we have now and the power we have to help others in need.

Today, I humbly ask for your help. We need your financial support to continue our work in education in Arkansas, work that is essential to the livelihood of hundreds of teachers and the development of tens of thousands of students across this incredible state. Like many nonprofits in Arkansas and beyond, Thea Foundation has closed its physical doors temporarily and cancelled all public events for the sake of civic responsibility. This includes cancelling several fundraisers that keep the foundation going day in and day out. We serve the entire state of Arkansas and account for one of the largest sums of money funding the incredibly creative minds of teachers and students found in every corner of the state.

We would love to continue the very hard work we've been doing for nearly twenty years, but we need your help. Please consider giving to our organization today. Donate here.


Nick Leopoulos

Executive Director

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