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Fashion Design Scholarship Competition

Is fashion your passion? Then you need to register right away for Thea’s fashion design scholarship competition!


Each year, dozens of brilliant homemade creations come before our judges. Thea's 2020 Fashion Design Scholarship Competition judges include the following celebrated Arkansas designers: Korto Momolu Briggs, Bryant Phelan, and Linda Rowe Thomas.

The 2020 Fashion Design Scholarship Competition will be held on Saturday, March 7, 2020 at Thea Foundation. Registration is required for participation that day. Participating students are encouraged to review all rules and eligibility, including submitting the required essay along with registration. 

After Registering to Compete: Participating students who register should email Paul Leopoulos at to confirm their registration was received.

Note: Registration for the 2020 Thea Foundation Fashion Design Scholarship Competition has now concluded. 


1st Place – $4,000

2nd Place – $3,500


Submissions Process Closed


Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 10 a.m.



Thea Foundation, 401 Main Street, North Little Rock  72114


Describe in a written essay of 500 or fewer words the “why:” inspiration, importance, and an artist statement (Deadline - 11:59 P.M.,​ Monday, March 2, 2020). It is important that students consider this year's theme when creating their work. Judges will consider the theme. This year's theme is "Brilliant, radiation, overcoming senses" and is open to interpretation by the artist. Create a mini-portfolio consisting of three to five drawings; one of these must be the intended design to show. We are no longer requiring fashion design entries to be made of 75% recycled materials. Items can be clothing, accessories or complete outfits. These sketches will be shown during the presentation of your final creation on Saturday, March 7, 2020. 100% of the design must be executed by the designer. Designers will receive a time to meet with the judges for an interview which will include a review of their sketches. Thea's Fashion Design Scholarship Competition is open to Arkansas high school and homeschooled seniors who are graduating in 2020. Students seeking their GEDs are also qualified. After Registering to Compete: Participating students who register should email Paul Leopoulos at to confirm their registration was received.

To see our 2019 winners, click here!

Rules and Regulations:

By visiting this page you understand that this information has been available to you starting August 6, 2019, and that failure to read this information or register for a scholarship before the registration deadline is to no fault of the Thea Foundation. The Thea Foundation makes every attempt possible within its means to notify students, parents, teachers, counselors, and the general public of the availability of its scholarship competitions and will not allow late registration predicated on the notion that an individual party was not aware of the information regarding deadlines. 


Registering for a Thea Foundation Scholarship Competition requires students to register online via a gravity form. Students may only register through the specific portal that the Foundation has created for each scholarship competition. Thea staff will not register students for scholarship competitions.


The Foundation recognizes that issues may arise during the registration process either from faulty equipment, user error, or issues beyond the control of either the registrant or the Foundation. The Thea Foundation encourages all students who register for a scholarship competition to contact Paul Leopoulos at to verify whether or not their registration was indeed processed. The Foundation makes available the registration for their scholarship competitions many months in advance to provide time to those having technical difficulties during the registering process. The Thea Foundation will not allow students to participate in a scholarship competition who arrive at the competition stating that they registered during the time allotted and who's name is not present on the Thea Foundation's list of participating students.

Only high school seniors enrolled in either public, private or home schools in Arkansas are eligible to register for a Thea Foundation Scholarship Competition.  A high school senior means any student who is currently completing the 12th grade in public or private school or any home school student who lists the 11th grade as their last grade level completed on their Notice of Intent to Home School on file with the Arkansas Department of Education for the current school year.