Performing Arts Scholarship Competition

Every year, Thea Foundation looks forward to awarding top Arkansas talent with scholarships to support their higher education goals. 


Thea’s Performing Arts Scholarship Competition awards ten scholarships annually to Arkansas high school seniors in the categories of dance, drama, and vocal performance. .

NEW: Virtual Q&A Sessions for the 2022 Thea Scholarship Competitions

We want to help clarify any questions about the 2022 scholarship competition season. Zoom Q&A sessions are available with Paul Leopoulos, Thea Foundation Co-Founder and Scholarship Coordinator, beginning in September. All interested teachers, parents, and students are invited to participate. Each session 30 minutes.

Register for the best date that works for you HERE.


1st Place – $10,000

2nd Place – $9,000

3rd Place – $8,000

4th Place – $7,000

5th Place -  $6,000

6th – 10th Places – $3,000

Thea's 2022 Performing Arts Scholarship Competition is Online-Only!

See registration and video submission details below

Registration and Upload Deadline

By noon on Friday, Jan 14, 2022




sing, dance, act or perform spoken word poems you may enter Thea's performing arts competition. No instrumental solos but students may sing with an instrument, but their vocal abilities will be the only portion considered for judging. No a cappella performances. 

Audition Video Length:

The video should not exceed two minutes in length.


No costumes, wear practice clothes.



No props may be used in your audition video with the exception of a stool or chair. 



An accompanist or recorded music is acceptable for use in your submitted audition video. 

Video File Requirements: 

We are seeking one consistent, low production video (shot at the highest-res available to you (mobile phone videos are perfectly fine) that showcases your talent in its simplest, purest form. No produced videos will be considered: no editing, multiple camera shots, etc.

Naming your Audition Video and Headshot Files

You may upload your performing arts entry at anytime before the deadline. Your video should be an mp4 or mov file and your headshot should be a .jpg file. Be sure you name the file according to these instructions.


e.g.   Audition Video Name Format: "last name" "first name" "sing or dance or act"

           leopoulos_paul_dance.mp4 or mov 

e.g.    Headshot: "last name" "first name" headshot (a professional headshot is not required)



Both files may be uploaded at the same time or separately using the button below.

You MUST Regiater & Upload

Deadline - Noon Friday, January 14, 2022

Rules and Regulations

Before you register, be sure you FULLY READ the qualifications below and be sure that you’re eligible:

By visiting this page you understand that this information has been available to you starting August 2022, and that failure to read this information or register for a scholarship before the registration deadline is to no fault of the Thea Foundation. The Thea Foundation makes every attempt possible within its means to notify students, parents, teachers, counselors, and the general public of the availability of its scholarship competitions and will not allow late registration predicated on the notion that an individual party was not aware of the information regarding deadlines. 


Registering for a Thea Foundation Scholarship Competition requires students to register online via a google form. Students may only register through the specific portal that the Foundation has created for each scholarship competition. Thea staff will not register students for scholarship competitions.

The Foundation recognizes that issues may arise during the registration process either from faulty equipment, user error, or issues beyond the control of either the registrant or the Foundation. The Foundation makes available the registration for their scholarship competitions many months in advance to provide time to those having technical difficulties during the registering process. 

Only high school seniors enrolled in either public, private or home schools in Arkansas are eligible to register for a Thea Foundation Scholarship Competition.  A high school senior means any student who is currently completing the 12th grade in public or private school or any home school student who lists the 11th grade as their last grade level completed on their Notice of Intent to Home School on file with the Arkansas Department of Education for the current school year.

Videos of Thea 2020 Auditions below.