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Thea Paves The Way

Thea Foundation’s annual sidewalk chalk event

Thea Paves the Way began in 2005 as one of Thea Foundation’s first outreach events to engage students, teachers, families, community groups, and others in an exciting collaborative art project. In recent years, the event has drawn 500+ participants, who also enjoy face painting and entertainment on the grounds of the Clinton Presidential Center.


The 16th Annual Thea Paves the Way will be held September 23, 2023 on the grounds of the Clinton Presidential Center in a creative community effort featuring vibrant chalk art.

Thea Foundation will host interested individuals and small groups on the grounds of the Clinton Presidential Center.  Attendees should register NOW to take part in the event from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 23, 2023. People are encouraged to bring their own chalk.

For those wanting to participate remotely, Thea Foundation encourages anyone to share their chalk art photos via social media using #TheaPavestheWay. The event date is weather permitting, but virtual participation can happen any day. If rain requires cancellation of Paves the Way, the alternate date is Sunday, September 24, 2023.

For questions about the 2023 Thea Paves the Way please contact Ginny Porter at

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